Our April 16th Event is "Funding Healthcare Innovation: Venture Capitalist Perspectives on the Changing Industry Environment"

Learn about how professional investors are adapting to the latest healthcare industry changes!


Health Innovators works to make healthcare better through collaboration, innovation, and education. We have big plans to expand the organization. Please help us out by donating. We are also looking for sponsors and venues to host our events. Please email Michael at michael.krieger@healthinno.org for more information. Flexible sponsorship packages are available to meet your company's needs.

Our New Roundtable Events

Health Innovators is excited to bring a new concept called the Roundtable Networking Event. These are invitation only events that you must preregsiter for, and complete the application to be considered to attend. Roundtable events cost $40 per person for a 1.5 hour event.

Our roundtable networking events are controlled networking events with 10-15 people that attend each event. The event strives to provide a more comfortable and results-oriented setting than typical networking events.

Each attendee will be from a different position within the healthcare industry at large. Therefore, we will only allow one physician, one healthcare business analyst, one healthcare software programmer, etc. to attend as an example. In addition, selection of attendees is also dependent on each attendee's goals for the event as described in the survey. Also, attendees will be mostly different from event to event, as the physician who attends one event is probably not the physician who attends the next one. These events will be 1.5 hours long and generally take place 7:30 am to 9 am, 11:30 am to 1 pm, or 5:30 pm to 7 pm. Bagels, muffins, and coffee will be served at the morning networking events, while catered sandwiches and drinks will be available for the lunch and evening networking events.

Patient Talkback

Patient Talkback is a SaaS based mobile/web platform that allows our customer (doctors and hospitals) to obtain real-time feedback from their patients. With Patient Talkback service, they can identify and determine root causes of customer dissatisfaction and take corrective actions on a timely basis. Reimbursement from Accountable Care Organizations will reflect the experience of customers. Patient Talkback allows the hospitals to manage patient expectations and resolve any points of discontent before patient leaves the office. Patient Talkback provides an easy to use platform that encourages patients to express their complaints and permits healthcare organizations to respond quickly. The Patient Talkback System gathers patient feedback via a simple phone app and routes actionable data directly to the staff or department desk to help resolve the issues quickly. For the provider, Patient Talkback is Web based so you log in at the start of the day and it's there for you to see. All data is on record for analysis of trends.

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Health Innovators encourages healthcare innovation through collaboration and education. The organization has monthly professional networking meetings.

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Please support Health innovators by using the collaborated services that we offer. We offer virtual nurse services, a patient feedback platform, business coaching services, and healthcare marketing services.

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We are always looking for new venues, sponsors, volunteers, and partners as we are actively expanding our organization. Please email Michael at michael.krieger@healthinno.org if you are interested in learning more about working with us.

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