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Health Innovators Advances Healthcare Technology Professionals

Health Innovators works to make healthcare better through collaboration, innovation, and education. We have big plans to expand the organization. Please help us out by donating. We are also looking for sponsors and venues to host our events. Please email Michael at for more information. Flexible sponsorship packages are available to meet your company's needs.

The Health Innovators Radio Show

Health Innovators is excited to bring a new concept called the Health innovators Radio Show. Our radio show is an affordable way for businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals to promote their products, services, and talents. We are currently running a sale on this service as the cost is now $25 per 15 minute segment through July 15, 2014. You simply provide us with a minimum of 12 questions.

To be a guest on our show, please call us at 617-651-1457, or use the black "Contact Us" box on the lower right of your screen.

Why be on our radio show?

  • Each show is promoted to at least 5000 people through promotion in our Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter accounts in addition to our email newsletter.
  • Streaming through, which is the largest social radio network with millions of listeners will provide reach throughout the nation.
  • As the show is open for all involved or interested in the healthcare industry to become guests, it is a great way to develop credibility.
  • Your segment becomes archived as a podcast, which results in continued promotion.

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About Us

Health Innovators encourages healthcare innovation through collaboration and education. The organization has monthly professional networking meetings.

Our Collaborated Services

Please support Health innovators by using the collaborated services that we offer. We offer virtual nurse services, a patient feedback platform, business coaching services, and healthcare marketing services.

Collaborate With Us

We are always looking for new venues, sponsors, volunteers, and partners as we are actively expanding our organization. Please email Michael at if you are interested in learning more about working with us.

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